• Ada Asura

    Nom: Asura

    *Prénom: Ada 

    *Age: 17 ans

    Date de Naissance: 10 mai

    *Sexe : féminin

    *Race: fée des neiges

    *Seul souvenir: elle a un frère plus vieux

    *Pire angoisse: se retrouver toute seule

    *Marque distinctive: sa petite taille d'1 m 50

    *Orientation Sexuel: hétéro


    I kind of have inklings of Bindy being the main girl because she could potentially have a huge character arc as well, being very nervous and quirky at the beginning, which I intend to ease by the end.

    Image transformé:

    This is Greta a very smart girl who is quirky and she is a little bit socially awkward. But she is good friends with Courtney and Madie. She really doesn't talk about her family that much. She plays the violin and loves to sing.

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